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5 easy inbound marketing techniques that work

5 easy inbound marketing techniques that work

Every time someone asks me about my trip to Argentina, I can’t resist praising Patagonia Eco Domes. An exceptional glamping place with the view to Mount Fitz Roy, wonderful food, and friendly staff. Recommendations are the main reason how people find the remote hotel.

We discovered that friends' recommendations are also the #1 reason of how people find out about MailerLite. Loyal customers have always been our aim and inbound marketing is the best way to get them. Today I want to share some things that work well for us and might be useful to you.

#1. Share great content that was created by others

When I just joined MailerLite, for several weeks I was reading, listening and watching everything about email marketing. So every single week I would send a weekly digest email with the best articles I could find online. It wasn’t content written by me, but was a great content and I wanted my customers to grow together with me.

After some time I put all these articles and videos in one place and created Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing. It holds some highly valuable content both for the current and potential customers.

At the same time, it was a great excuse for me to write an email to the most influential people in email marketing: “Thank you for content. Can I use it on my blog?”. Everybody said yes. After that, I had one more chance to write them saying: “I just made a guide. Would you like to share it since your articles are inside the guide?” And they did. It was a super simple and smart way to reach our bigger target audience.

Since Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing is full of links, it’s great for SEO. We got ranked higher because of the simple guide.

We constantly update the content in the guide to make sure it has handy information. Now 50% of the content is created by us.

#2. Offer what your audience is searching for

Try to think what your potential customers are searching for before they make the decision to sign up for your service or to make a purchase.

In our case, our potential customers are searching for different email marketing platforms and try to compare them: pricing, feature etc. This is why now we have landing pages where we compare MailerLite with our biggest competitors. If people are searching for such information, why not provide it, right?

#3. Tell your story

It took me 2 years to become brave enough and write a blog post about our company culture. Before that, I was writing about email marketing, about our product and about marketing in general. I thought that our company’s story is not that relevant to our audience.

Anyway, I gave it a try and wrote a blog post “Why Companies Should Spend Money on Experiences, not Things”. This concept is a big deal at MailerLite. We do believe that shared memories bring more values to the team than new free stuff. So I told our story and was very surprised to get so many replies to the email and comments below the blog post. It was the most engaging blog post. And this was the moment when I realized that people do need stories. We have to tell stories if we want people to relate to us.

So now I share more stories about our company. We have a separate section on our blog for “Behind the Scenes” to share our experiences in managing a remote company.

#4. Recycle the content

You don’t have to write a new article every single week to give value to your customers.

For example, here’s my article with “8 Tips to Create Dramatically Better Emails with MailerLite”. I talk about the features that our customers might have missed. Since we do have a lot of new features and a lot of new customers, it’s always a relevant content. I just need to update the content from time to time.

The text you’re reading right now is part of a speech I gave at an event of Enterprise Lithuania. I also recorded the speech and you may find the whole version on YouTube

#5. Treat your team as marketing department

Officially I am the only person working with marketing, but I treat all our team as the marketing department.

What do you say when you meet a new person? “What is your name? What do you do?” And then it’s up to the person to say only the name of the company, to say how much he/she loves/hates the job or to talk more about the company and its business.

This is the reason why every new person joining MailerLite, together with a job contract, signs under 10 company values. #2 is “be passionate about MailerLite”. We do want our team to be able to talk about the product and about email marketing at 3 am in the bar.

I’m really happy to see that our team members not only talk about MailerLite, but they share a lot of things on social media. A lot of things from our office life. Every time they do that, they put #mailerLite #lovemyjob. And it’s the best advertising we get to hire more motivated people.

Actually, all the content we have on social media is provided by our team. These are the photos they’ve taken. I just republish them on our Facebook or Instagram pages.

Recently we started experimenting with Instagram. Every day one of us is taking over Instagram Stories. They’re showing how they work and live for the whole day. Since part of our team is working *remote*, it’s really fun for us to watch our colleagues. Where they work, what they do after work etc. It’s authentic and unique content that our audience can relate to. This is what we expect to find on Instagram after all, right?

Are you on Instagram? Let’s connect!

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I’m Ilma, COO at MailerLite. I love seeing our customers succeed. When they win, we win (like being named one of the top 5 fastest growing SaaS companies). Email is my passion, although I took a rather unusual path. Before MailerLite, I worked in finance and art, which turned out to be the perfect mix for marketing.