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Alternative use of your inbox

Alternative use of your inbox

How many unread emails are in your inbox?

I think we can put people into two categories. The ones that always strive for zero inbox and have it. And the others that don’t care much about the number. It’s just too big to care about.

How many unread emails are in your inbox? - MailerLite

I am the latter one.

In 1998 a new phenomenon called a banner blindness was introduced. We tend to ignore banner-like information.

I believe now it is time to introduce unread emails blindness.

Few years ago it was bad-mannered to have any unread email.

Now I see hundreds or thousand unread emails and I don’t care.


Because I treat my inbox in very different way than 10 or 5 years ago. I am sure that I am not the only one.

My inbox is my personal newspaper

I subscribe to all blogs, websites or customers’ newsletter that I think would give me valuate and useful content. And it’s tons of them! I keep the most of the stuff in my Promotion tab and check at times.

email inbox management - MailerLite

My Prime tab is the place where I keep all emails from the companies and people that I care about. It’s like my personal newspaper. All the interesting stuff is there.

If I want know more about email marketing, I’ll read Litmus‘ email. If I am in a mood for entertainment, I’ll read an email from Messy Nessy Chic.

I know the senders. I know their content. I trust them. Therefore, I open and read the emails.

My inbox is my personal Google

Then there’s much bigger part of emails that lay unread in my Promotion tab. If I need any information, I just search my inbox.

Like, “Art exhibition in London”.

email inbox - personal google - MailerLite

 This way I get all the relevant information from the places that interest namely me. More accurate and personal information than any search engine can give me.

My inbox and brand awareness

I don’t buy jeans every month. I don’t travel every week. But once I do that, I remember the brands that send me emails.

Here is a prefect example:

email inbox and brand awareness - MailerLite

I am one of the worst clients for email marketing department. I almost never read their newsletters (sorry). They may even decide to delete my contact.

Nevertheless, is the only website that I use to book a hotel. When I need a hotel, I instantly print Unconsciously.

So what?

Why am I sharing this? I want to show you that people treat their inboxes differently.

Open and click rates don’t show everything about your customers relationship with you. Some of them read every email, but don’t buy online. Others maybe never open your newsletter, but are loyal customers. And that’s ok.

Nevertheless, email marketing helps your brand stay in customers’ head unconsciously.

I would be happy to hear how you use your inbox. Has it changed in recent years? Do you always have zero inbox? Do you read all the emails? Delete them without reading? Do you often subscribe to newsletters? Share your experience in the comments.

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I’m Ilma, COO at MailerLite. I love seeing our customers succeed. When they win, we win (like being named one of the top 5 fastest growing SaaS companies). Email is my passion, although I took a rather unusual path. Before MailerLite, I worked in finance and art, which turned out to be the perfect mix for marketing.