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​Melinda Curle · 14 min read

How to promote your referral program via email marketing

Check out this 3-step email marketing campaign (with examples) to boost your referral marketing sales.

Rachel Weaver · 10 min read

How to benefit from no-code/low-code software as a digital marketing team

Learn how no-code/low-code software helps your digital marketing strategy.

Dmytro Zaichenko · 9 min read

What are email protocols and how to choose the right one

Learn about the 3 main email protocols, why they're important and how to choose the best one for you.

​Lesley Vos · 15 min read

Why and how to use P.S. lines in email like a pro

Learn how using P.S. lines in your emails is a smart marketing strategy.

Julija Televiciute · 17 min read

How to use PPC to grow your email list

Learn how to effectively use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to grow your email list.

Kevin Yun · 13 min read

How to create a referral marketing strategy that works

Learn how referral marketing programs are a smart way to grow your business

Kevin George · 9 min read

Guide to using humor in your email marketing (with 7 examples)

Learn best practices of using humor in your email campaigns, with real email examples included.

Mark Quadros · 20 min read

How to create a winning email sequence (templates included)

Learn how to create and personalize an effective email sequence. Examples and templates included!

Kevin Payne · 13 min read

How freelancers can use email marketing to get more clients

Learn smart ways you can use email marketing to get more clients for your freelance business.

Nahla Davies · 8 min read

What is BIMI? Learn about the email deliverability standard

Learn what the BIMI standard is and what does it mean for your email marketing campaigns.