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Ignas2 min readNew features and updatesAugust 12, 2015

Email HTML Code Editor Redesign

Email HTML Code Editor Redesign

We know that some of you, especially designers, prefer to code emails by yourself and just upload HTML to MailerLite for sending. We had this feature before. But let’s be honest – it wasn’t even close to being user friendly.

Meet the new email HTML code editor

The new editor looks similar to our popular drag-and-drop editor. It has preview of the email on the left side and the editing interface on the right. The changes you make in HTML code can be immediately seen on the preview.

The new HTML code editor saves your changes automatically. Moreover, you can save changes manually with a keyboard shortcut (CMD+S for Macs, CTRL+S for Windows) or just by clicking Save button.

Preview in mobile

Simply switch preview mode between desktop and mobile to ensure that your email looks great in all environments.

newsletter html - html email format example - sample html email code

Add your email code and files

As before, there are 3 options how to add your HTML code:

  • Paste in code
  • Import from Zip
  • Import from URL

There’s one awesome improvement – all images imported from Zip or URL will be automatically saved in the new File Manager.

More new features in the HTML code editor

  • Toggle Images On/Off to preview ALT text and optimize your email for image blocking.
  • Automatic CSS Inliner – some email clients strip out CSS in <style> blocks. Using our inliner will apply all of your CSS (except media queries) as inline styles.
  • List of merge tags that you can use to personalize your emails.

Give it a try and let us know what you think.

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