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How these messaging ideas increased conversions by 300% (Case Study)

How these messaging ideas increased conversions by 300% (Case Study)

If you sell a product that requires demos or in-depth explanations, then you know how important it is to get the messaging right to facilitate the sales process.

This is especially true when it comes to B2B sales. According to Michael Dermer, founder of The Lonely Entrepreneur:

“Every sales conversation should take place from the customer’s perspective rather than from your perspective.”

Consistent messaging that focuses on how your product or service solves a specific problem will help you increase conversions significantly.

Today I will share content writing tips, along with a case study where three simple messaging guidelines helped increase conversions.

How did The Lonely Entrepreneur increase conversions by 300%?

When I first started working with The Lonely Entrepreneur on their entrepreneur training product, their primary goals were to:

  • Increase free trial sign-ups
  • Increase sign-ups for their email list

We implemented a lead generation campaign and the results were astonishing: a 300% increase in overall conversions. This was accomplished by merely improving the messaging on their landing pages which focused on how the product solved a specific problem.

Here we'll share what we learned and how you too can increase email sign-ups.

1. Use Consistent Messaging

Relevance is an integral part of conversion rate optimization. If someone visits a website from an email or an ad and the messaging is starkly different, there is a high possibility that they will bounce.

You need consistent messaging across your different channels to reinforce the messaging that attracted your prospect in the first place.

By having a specific landing page for each product category, it allowed us to appeal directly to the customer’s pain point and assure them that we had a solution to their problem.

On our landing page, we focused on something that the consumer found valuable – which was their time.

increasing conversions - using consistent messaging

Because the target audience were entrepreneurs who were looking for business mentoring, we made sure to highlight the fact that our product was flexible. As a result, a larger number of our prospects felt that our product would suit their needs and they went ahead and scheduled a call.

2. Offer Something Unique & Irresistible

With so many people getting bombarded with pop-ups and downloadables on different websites, you have to offer something new and unique that the user cannot resist.

In our case, it was a free daily email offering a new perspective on various business matters.

increasing conversions - offer something unique

Because we knew that entrepreneurs always want to know new things that could potentially help them grow their business, this was the ideal messaging.

We used a short but effective headline and a brief description to convince the user to sign up.

In your case, think very carefully about something that your prospects will find valuable and present it to them in a pop-up on your website or through a link on your webpages.

3. Tailor Your Content To Suit Specific Needs

As your campaign grows and you start to collect more and more emails, you have to start thinking about automation and segmentation.

When you tailor your content to specific groups of people, you can target the messaging around what each group cares about.  

In our example, we used a clever integration from Calendly to schedule calls from prospects who were interested in business mentoring. Once they scheduled a call, their email address was added to our email list.

A different landing page was used for other prospects who were interested in using our product for a different purpose, and they were added to a different email list.

This allowed us to tailor the messaging to suit the needs of the different groups.

increasing conversions - tailor your content

This integration also comes in handy when a prospect cancels a call because you can set up an automation to send an email to reschedule or find out why.

This could be extremely valuable when it comes to closing the sale. You might follow up with a few case studies about your product to show your prospects how it helped people, or you could send them offers after your call with them.

From messaging to conversions

The secret to collecting more emails on your webpages lies partly in using the right messaging – the kind that shows consumers how your product or service solves their problems.

Remember to keep your messaging consistent across your different channels, offer something unique and valuable to your consumers, and tailor your content to suit specific needs. Address clients' pain points in a thoughtful way and watch those conversion numbers go up. 

Isaac King

Isaac is a writer, marketing consultant and co-founder of Switchfeel, a company that helps entrepreneurs reduce stress and collaborate with each other through community events. Feel free to follow Isaac on Instagram.