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Gediminas4 min readNew features & updatesJune 23, 2016

Introducing Landing Pages

Introducing Landing Pages

We are proud to present you a brand new feature, which will make your email marketing life much easier – landing pages.

It comes as an addition of last week announced new Popup Forms. Now you will be able to create a beautiful landing page along with your subscription form.

As with all our features, landing page editor will come with no extra cost and is included in Forever Free plan as well.

Understanding the concept

A landing page is like a small website, which you can create in our landing page editor without any coding knowledge. It works like your favourite drag & drop editor – simply drag blocks to create your landing page content.

We have designed several templates with different layout combinations. In the future, we will be adding more templates as we are doing with our Template Gallery.

Creating your first landing page

create free landing page - MailerLite

Landing pages can be found under the main Webforms tab in your MailerLite account. Create a new webform, enter your title, save & continue.

Next, click to Create Landing Page. As in webforms, select a group where to store your new subscribers. If you want a new group for that purpose, you’ll have to create it beforehand.

Next, pick a template for your landing page.

We have created several layouts based on different landing page types. Moreover, all layouts are fully customizable. Let’s try out a Ebook template in this example.

Notice 2 main tabs – Landing Page and Success Page.

Landing Page

landing page editor - MailerLite

This is your main page where you can set up your unique design. Drag the content blocks from the editor to customize your landing page.

We have already set up the layout in product style for this template. You will find a header, description blocks, subscription webform block with a CTA button and trust indicators.

All blocks are fully customizable – simply click on each block and edit on the right-hand side. Don’t forget to click on Design tab as well for styling options.

Finally, there’s also a footer block in the bottom. Here you can add your company details and social links.

Success Page

This is the page that your viewers will see after signing up. It’s similar to a Thank You page you see in webforms.

Here you can welcome your subscribers and appreciate for signing up. Moreover, you will find a CTA button to direct them to another page depending on what your end goal is.

Click on the blocks to customize them or drag more blocks from the editor.

Our landing pages are responsive – click on the mobile icon to see how it will look on mobile devices. Once you’re done with the design, click Done Editing.

Page Settings and Stats

landing page settings - MailerLite

Here you can change your Landing Page URL or add your domain to publish landing pages to your own URL.

You can also optimize your page under SEO settings to improve its visibility in search engines.

Another cool feature we added is an option to customize your Facebook sharing. Facebook share title, description, and image can be changed here.

Once you’re done with settings, click Save & Continue. You will see a preview of your landing page and its settings.

landing page settings - MailerLite

As in our webforms, you can switch the double opt-in option on or off. If you leave it on, check the Confirmation Email and Confirmation Thank You page tabs – these can be customized as well.

Finally, click on Stats tab. Once your page is up and running, you will find your visitors and subscribers here. We are also calculating conversion rate for you.

That’s it! Copy your Landing Page URL and put it into action!

Have questions? Let us know!