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Ilma2 min readNew features & updatesNovember 17, 2016

We’re now sending monthly account activity reports

We’re now sending monthly account activity reports

Here at MailerLite, we understand how important it is to keep a close eye on your email marketing activities. So now you can stay on the top of them without even signing into your dashboard.

When will I receive the notifications?

Starting December, you will have an option not only of receiving subscribe and unsubscribe notifications, but also of getting an email containing your account’s monthly summary with stats. This email will be sent to you on the first day of each month and will include stats about the previous month. You will automatically receive these monthly reports.

Other notifications

By the way, you can always get daily notifications. There are 3 types of them:

  • Subscribe one by one – you’ll get an email immediately when a new subscriber joins your list. However, if you add subscribers by importing from file, you won’t get this notification. It will work with webform subscribes, MailerLite iPad Subscribe App, API and API-based integrations.
  • Unsubscribe one by one – we’ll notify you immediately when someone unsubscribes. The notification will also be triggered for unsubscribes through API.
  • Daily summary – you’ll be getting an email every morning with numbers of new subscribers and unsubscribes for the day before. The number of new subscribers will also include imported from a file.

To start getting daily notifications, just input your email address and hit ‘Save’. You can add more recipients (up to 10), just separate them with a comma.

How to disable the notifications?

If at any point, you decide you’d prefer not to receive them, you can unsubscribe very easily by going to your Notifications > Activity notifications and removing your email address from the inputs.

We hope you enjoy this new setting, and we’d love to hear your feedback!