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Working from home? We asked our team about their most effective home office setup

Working from home? We asked our team about their most effective home office setup

For many of us, it’s another week of working from home—whether it’s a completely new experience or you’re used to working remotely.

Everyone at MailerLite can work from home, but there are big differences in what that looks like for each person. There are people who love jamming to their favorite tunes, while others need complete silence. Some work from the couch, while others need an ergonomic setup for their back. We have team members that created a real home office, and people that use whatever surface is not occupied—which sometimes can be an ironing board if space is tight.

It’s good to put some thought into your home office setup. Think about what you need to be most productive and happy at home, and try to find solutions based on those needs. It can be as small as a desk lamp to investing in a standing desk that’ll benefit you long-term.

We asked team MailerLite to share their home office setup, and here’s what we received!



Nikola's home office setup

The most important thing in my home office is my desk chair. I bought the Steelcase Please desk chair 2 years ago and I’m really happy with it. I’d advise you to invest in a good ergonomic office chair, as it’ll last you a long time. Your back will thank you too!

I can’t work with multiple screens because I lose my focus jumping from screen to screen. That’s why I use an ultrawide screen (34 inches) and installed the Magnet app, which can split my screen in half or thirds. A good dock helps to keep things organized, as I only need to plug in 1 cable. I use the Caldigit TS3 Plus. On my desk, you’ll also find good speakers to play music, a mechanical keyboard and a wireless Logitech MX Master mouse.


Legal Counsel

Marta's home office setup

This is my cozy working corner. I don’t need much for my home office design, just my Apple MacBook Pro, a couple of green plants, a desk lamp and of course, high-speed internet. I normally work from our HQ in Vilnius but now that I’ll be working from home for a while, I’d like to add some framed pictures to give the room more atmosphere. I alternate between this home office and the couch in the living room, though my back isn’t happy when I work from the couch too often.


Video and Webinars

Marcin's home office studio

My home office space is a little different from most, as I made it into a soundproof recording studio to host webinars and record videos. The 3 greatest investments I’ve made for my home office are the large screen, a laptop stand and an office chair without a backrest.

I also use an electric standing desk. I have the camera on the table and adjust it with a remote. This home office desk is perfect for taking videos, photos, eating soup and cleaning! You just move it up to the highest stand and vacuum underneath, easy peasy!


Partnership Manager

Jess home office space

Is that an ironing board? Yep, that’s right, my desk is indeed an ironing board. This is what my “quarantine at my grandma's” home office setup looks like. My boyfriend took over the dining table and installed his 2 monitors, laptop and recording devices there, leaving no space for me. This “desk” was the best thing I could find in the house and it’s actually more comfortable than sitting on the couch all day. Plus it has great natural light!



Tautvydas home office desk

The picture above is taken at the coworking space where I’m normally renting a desk. There I’m using an ultrawide monitor, which is really awesome. I have the laptop standing beside it for Slack messages and video calls, so it’s separated from the task I’m doing. To split up my laptop screen I use Spectacle and Mac OS X’s Spaces.

Now that I’m working from home, I dug up my iPad mini 3 and installed the Duet app to use it as a second screen. I also use Apple’s magic mouse and keyboard, which are both quite comfortable and offer good functionality. This is what that looks like:

Tautvydas home office


Customer Support

Erin's home office

Unlike the fancy home offices a lot of our developers have set up, I can be found on the couch with my laptop most of the time. I like to travel, so my home office setup needs to be as compact as possible—which means just having my laptop and charger so I can always be on the go.


iOS Developer

Adam's standing table home office

I’ve decorated my desk with Philips Hue lights to set, and change, the mood.

An electric standing desk is a definite must for me, so I can sit and stand during the day. The tabletop comes from IKEA and the desk legs are from a local market. They have electric desk legs at IKEA as well. If your home office setup is more elaborate (think 2 monitors and a speaker), pay attention to the maximum load so you know it can safely lift your work setup. My table will lift up to 100kg.



Nikol's home office

I live in a very small space, so there wasn't a lot of room for a proper home office setup. I took the brightest corner in the flat and organized myself there. Natural light helps me to better focus. I’m also conveniently next to the balcony door so I can get some fresh air now and then. 

My most important home office gadget is my Marshall headphones. These are a must, as my boyfriend and I are both working from home (he took over the dining table). 

And yes, if you’re a Star Wars fans you’ve spotted that correctly: That’s Chewbacca in front of my pencils on the right. I know it's controversial to talk about the newer Star Wars movies, but I loved Chewbacca and the Porgs, so this was an instant buy!



Ignas home office setup

My work environment is relatively simple. I have a second external screen, a desk that I can move, high-speed WiFi and the city view on my right—that’s the best way for me to focus. I definitely prefer a liftable table over a traditional desk, as it helps with my posture.

The best home office setup checklist

Though everyone’s home office looks different, there are some items that most of us have used. Our shopping list for creating the most productive and comfortable working space contains:

  • A laptop
  • A second screen
  • A standing desk to alternate between sitting and standing
  • Headphones to reduce outside noise or listen to great tunes
  • Good Wi-Fi
  • A personal touch!

What does your home office look like? Share your setup below!

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