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One simple hack to find the right employees

One simple hack to find the right employees

How do you find new employees?

We used to put a job ad on Facebook, promote the post and get more than 100 resumes. And we hate it.

Yes, you are pleased that a lot of people want to join your team. But then you get stuck.

Long hours of reading resumes. Tiresome discussions whom to invite to an interview. Dozens of boring interviews. And at the end of the process you still don’t have any idea how to choose the right person.

Recently we made one simple change in our hiring process and got fascinating results.


The aha! moment happened when I talked to Oli Gardner from Unbounce. He told me that at Unbounce they don’t ask for resumes. Instead they ask people to create landing pages with Unbounce about themselves.

That is genius!

In fact, the most important trait in deciding to hire someone is the strong desire to work at your company.

How to measure that?

Ask to do some extra work.

That’s the best possible filter for the candidates. If they are really willing to work in your company, they will be happy to put some efforts.

Don’t send us your CV. It’s boring…

Inspired by Unbounce, we asked to create a newsletter to apply for a job:

My colleagues said that it was a great idea, but the conversion rate would be 0%. They were almost right.

What happened?

Next time we put a job ad, instead of 120 resumes, we got 8 newsletters.

8 creative newsletters from talented people living around the world (it was advertisement for a remote job).

Here are some examples:

Nothing like boring resumes that doesn’t say much about the personality behind it.

Then we made 15 minutes Skype calls with everyone. It was pure pleasure. People already knew the product and how they want to contribute to the company.

So we ended up hiring 2 people, instead of one.


30 min of reading newsletters + 2 hours of great conversations = 2 talented people working in our team.

Great conversion, right?

How do you hire? Do you ask for resumes? What is the most important trait in choosing your team member?

Ilma Nausedaite

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