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People Trust Numbers. Use Them In Your Newsletter

People Trust Numbers. Use Them In Your Newsletter

Do you know that most of your newsletter readers actually DON’T READ all your words?

Instead, they just SCAN it and pick out headlines, highlighted words, bulleted lists, and links.


Numerals often stop the wandering eye and attract fixations, even when they’re embedded within a mass of words that users otherwise ignore.

Derek Halpern from Social Triggers says that using number may even earn your credibility.

Especially if you use precise numbers!

Recent research in Ohio State University has demonstrated that products listed with precise prices sell for significantly more than products listed with comparable round prices.

Besides, research demonstrated that individuals infer believability from precise numbers.

For example, participants indicated that they were more likely to believe a precise statistic than a round statistic. A typical inference may be “the number must be precise for a reason”.

Review of Starupmoon states: the bigger number the better!

“The higher the number is it usually works better. “35 ways to…” will probably be more viral than “5 ways to…”. ArsTecnica titles one of their most shared posts – “Extremely critical ruby bug threatens more than 200,000 sites” . 200,000 is probably the overall number of Ruby sites. However, it sounds very dramatic and went super viral (critical + threatens + a very high number = success!). ”

Moreover, numbers in your email subject line imply easily digestible contact.

For example:

  • 89 reasons to stop using sugar
  • 3 seats left for next week’s seminar
  • 6 tips for your better social marketing
  • 15% discount for the summer collection

Let readers know exactly what they can expect and make them want to read the content.