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Ignas2 min readNew features & updatesApril 13, 2016

Quick overview of your account in the new Dashboard

Quick overview of your account in the new Dashboard

We have just launched Dashboard. It will be the first screen you see when you log in to your MailerLite account.

In the new Dashboard you will get a quick overview of the most important stuff: last sent campaign stats, number of unique subscribers, your plan, subscriber growth, monthly campaign stats, automation activity and webforms.

Last Sent Campaign

First thing on the Dashboard is last sent campaign report. We just thought that it’s the most interesting thing for you after sending a campaign.

Subscribers and Your Plan

Here you will see how many unique subscribers there is in your account at the moment. Moreover, you can compare how many new subscribers you got last month and this month.

Under Your Plan you can find how many unique subscribers you have already used. Used means that you have sent a campaign to those subscribers at least once. Every 60 days we update your ‘Unique subscribers used’ count by removing unsubscribed, bounced, deleted and unused subscribers.

One more important thing – Account approval level. It shows how many unique subscribers you can have in your campaigns. If your subscriber number will reach the limit, we might ask you for some additional information before upgrading your approval level.

Subscriber Growth

The Subscriber Growth bar graph shows subscriber growth over time.

Monthly Campaign Stats

Compare your campaign stats month by month. Find out how sending more emails influences your open rates, clicks and unsubscribes. Use the insights to plan your email marketing strategy.

You can choose how many months you want to see and also export the data to .csv file.

Automation and Webforms

See how many active autoresponders you have. Compare the number of automated emails sent last month and this month.

Keep in mind that automated emails are not included in Monthly Campaign Stats table above.

Under webforms you can find out how your forms are performing – how many new signups you got last month and this month.

Let us know how you like the new Dashboard. We’ll be waiting for your feedback and ideas!