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79 remote-first companies that actively hire

79 remote-first companies that actively hire

For the first 4 years, MailerLite was a small company from Vilnius, Lithuania. In 2014, Support Manager Silvestras, became the first remote employee—kind of a like a guinea pig to test if remote work was a good idea. Turns out, it definitely was!

Today, MailerLite is a remote-first company with people working from the USA, France, Thailand, Mexico and Indonesia (to name a few). 

We believe attracting the best people for your team starts by looking for talent in different places. And, letting them work wherever they are happiest and most productive—whether that's in an office or from a hammock on the beach (if the WiFi reaches that far).

Do you fantasize about ditching your office job to make your remote work dreams come true?

You can! Make your dream a reality. Check out the list below to learn about our top 79 remote companies. We selected the remote companies that hire worldwide to make sure everyone from everywhere is able to apply.

Now, repeat after me: "I deserve a job that fulfills me and lets me work from wherever I thrive most."

Go ahead, say it a couple more times…

Excellent! Now go and find your job match. Good luck!

Remote-first companies that personally inspire us

The companies below are ones that we personally relate with—either because we use these tools at MailerLite or because we really enjoy their vision!

  • Basecamp
    If you’ve read our About page, it’ll come as no surprise that we start the list with the company that inspired us to work the way we do. MailerLite was created after reading Rework by Basecamp—a 2010 bestseller that we still think is the best book about business. 
  • 15Five
    As a remote-first team, it’s hard (or rather, impossible) to see how everyone is feeling. That’s why we use the feedback tool 15Five to check-in with everyone monthly. Each team member privately shares how they feel, what they’re proud of, what they’re struggling with and what questions they have. Kind of like an internal NPS score.
  • GitLab 
    With over 3,000 pages of text, GitLab’s handbook is an open-source document that shows employees (and everyone interested) how they run their company. As our team is growing and working remotely, we decided to follow GitLab’s example and create a handbook of our own.
  • Buffer
    It was Buffer that taught us the importance of retreats. They’ve been hosting them all over the world since 2013 and found that these face-to-face meetings resulted in smoother work processes, fewer obstacles and more energetic and connected employees. They gave us the confidence to host our own workation back in 2016. 
  • Automattic
    As one of the biggest 100% remote companies (940 employees and counting), Automattic is the solid proof that you can scale a remote team. We love following their growth and noting their learnings as we’re continuing to expand our team.
  • BestSelf
    BestSelf’s mission is to connect and inspire humanity to think bigger and achieve more while enjoying today. At MailerLite, we’re all about making each day count and waking up with a “let’s get some shit done” attitude. The 13-week SELF goal journal is an excellent buddy to keep us on track.
  • Dollar Flight Club
    Working remote means having the luxury to pack your bags and move your office on any given day (well, if you’re not stuck at home with a dog, a husband or plants to water). DFC scans countless airfare combinations looking for the cheapest options on the internet, every day. They then send you an email alert on their findings. Save big, travel far!
  • OnTheGoSystems
    Their customer-focused motto “We believe that people, not products, make the difference” is right up our lane. Furthermore, they also believe in the importance of books. Their employees benefit from access to a Kindle library full of books!
  • Doist
    One of our values is to make sure everyone feels best at work. We motivate our team to go for a walk or take a Lizzo spinning class (yes, those exist) to refresh their brains. Doist has a similar vision: Inspire the workplace of the future by creating tools that promote a calmer, more balanced, more fulfilling way to work and live.
group of people leaning on to the front in green scenery - MailerLite
  • Bandcamp
    Music runs through MailerLite’s DNA! DevOps Nikola played guitar in a Serbian rock band, Content Writer Megan runs a blog called Sign This Kid and Data Scientist Deividas is a DJ by night. So naturally, we are hyped about Bandcamp: A place to discover amazing new music and directly support the artists who made it.
  • Skillcrush
    Did you know our developer Remigijus was a lawyer before MailerLite? And that several of our non-tech team members code on the side? Learning becomes much easier with initiatives like Skillcrush—a platform that teaches online classes in web design, coding and other marketable digital skills.
  • Zapier
    We love automation, working more efficiently and especially, doing both without using any code. Zapier loves those exact same things. Hence, a match made in heaven (for us and our customers).
  • Sketch
    Sketch gives our designers an everyday tool to design new features and tools. Before taking a design to development, Sketch gives us the power to create prototypes as close as they get to the final result.
  • MailerLite
    Last but not least, every day we're inspired by the work we do here at MailerLite. We've followed the example of the remote companies we love and combined it with our own secret sauce to make our team feel connected no matter where we are. Curious to get to know us better? Head over to the About page.
group of happy people standing on a rock with one leg - MailerLite

Remote-first companies that actively hire (sorted by category)

Of course, there are a lot more companies that are remote-first! We picked out these great ones that hire worldwide, so you can apply from wherever you're based in the world.

Group of people holding yellow paddles - MailerLite
Group of people doing kayaking in Panama waters - MailerLite

Do you know any 100% remote or remote-first companies? Add your tip in the comments!

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