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How to stay sane (or at least try to) while working remotely

How to stay sane (or at least try to) while working remotely

Whenever my kid was bored, I would tell him: “Being bored is a luxury. We are the most creative when we’re bored. Wait 10 minutes and you will definitely think of something fun to do.”

It’s day 5 of my family staying at home (“social distancing”) and I guess now is the time to start using my own advice. 

Though all of us at MailerLite have our fair share of experience working from home, it’s not always easy. There are times when we get lonely, unproductive, distracted or discouraged. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to work remotely, instead, each person has to figure out what works best for them personally.

To help you create a remote routine of your own, I asked team MailerLite to share their best practices on how to stay sane while working from home. Take these tips as inspiration to find the best routine for you!


Content Writer


How I stay sane: I normally work from cafes and I love the buzz of having people around me. It helps me concentrate and calms my mind as there’s no room for #fomo (which as an ENFP, I have often). Now that I’m social distancing and homebound, I get my energy out by starting the day dancing to my favorite jams (like GoldLink’s “U Say”) and doing workout videos with my mom (MadFit on YouTube). Dance breaks are a good way to get out of your head and refind your motivation and concentration.


Digital Advertising Manager


How I stay sane: I find early mornings and late afternoons to be my most productive moments, so I often allow myself a nap in between. Whenever I feel stuck, I usually do a small 10-minute task (sorting laundry, doing my dishes or getting an ice-cream) and get back to work straight after. I get instant gratification from doing a little task and it motivates me to start a work-related task. It’s like a Pomodoro timer (which helps a lot too!).

On bad days when my head is refusing to get to work, I practice the 2-minute rule to kick-off my workday. Giving myself a work-related task that takes less than 2 minutes to do puts me in work mode.


Content Manager


How I stay sane: I like to create a daily schedule the day before so I can balance work with life. Productivity usually comes in 90-minute increments, so I plan 30-minute activities after each 90-minute work session. 

For me, it works best to do 4-5 pods a day, such as:

  • Work and coffee break (catch up on the news)
  • Work and exercise
  • Work and lunch
  • Work and personal time (read, meet a friend, listen to a podcast, play a videogame or meditate) 
  • Work and plan the next day


Project Manager


How I stay sane: My best workdays are the days where I stick to my routine, which begins with a solid morning routine.

After waking up, I throw my workout clothes on and exercise for about 30-40 minutes. If my sports schedule calls for a rest day, I still wake up early and change into my gym clothes but I meditate instead. After that, I start getting ready for work. Which means, doing my hair and makeup, and not putting my PJs back on. This whole process not only wakes me up but also puts me in the mindset that I'm "going to work."

To keep myself organized and on track, I also jot down work and personal tasks that I'd like or need to complete that day.


Customer Support


How I stay sane: I separate my workstation from other parts of the house. I have a desk in a separate room, and sometimes I even wear different clothes when “going to work.” I try to do anything so that my body and mind feel like they’re in a different state. When my work is done for the day, I switch to my off-mode and get to relax for the rest of the evening.

Our working-from-home tips recapped:

  • Have a routine, especially a solid morning routine
  • Plan breaks after each work session
  • Add some movement into your schedule so you’re not sitting down all-day
  • Create a separate space for work
  • Make sure you plan activities throughout the day when you unplug and enjoy life, whether that’s through dancing, exercising, cooking, reading a book or meditating

What's your strategy for staying sane when working from home? Share below!

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