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Ignas2 min readNew features and updatesFebruary 26, 2016

Subscribe and unsubscribe notifications

Subscribe and unsubscribe notifications

Finally we’re launching the feature that was most requested for the last few months. Starting today, you can get email notifications every time someone joins your subscriber list or unsubscribes. Moreover, you can signup for a daily summary with numbers of total new subscribers and unsubscribes for the day before.

How to enable the notifications?

To turn notifications ON or OFF, follow the steps below.

Click the dropdown menu on the top right corner and choose ‘Notifications’.

There are 3 types of notifications:

  • Subscribe one by one – you’ll get an email immediatelly when a new subscriber joins your list. However, if you add subscribers by importing from file, you won’t get this notification. It will work with webform subscribes, MailerLite iPad Subscribe App, API and API based integrations.
  • Unsubscribe one by one – we’ll notify you immediatelly when someone unsubscribes. The notification will also be triggered for unsubscribes through API.
  • Daily summary – you’ll be getting an email every morning (7am) with numbers of new subscribers and unsubscribes for the day before. The number of new subscribers will also include imported from file.

To start getting notifications, just input your email address and hit ‘Save’. You can add more recipients (up to 10), just separate them by a comma. To turn OFF notifications, simply remove your email from the inputs.

We hope you will like it! And like always – we’re looking forward to your feedback. Thanks!

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