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TOP 5 tools to run a remote team

TOP 5 tools to run a remote team

In MailerLite we can work flexible hours and remotely as long as THE WORK IS DONE.

Today I want to share our TOP 5 tools that enable us to get the work done, even when the team is all around the world.


Slack is our main team communication tool. It’s real-time messaging and archiving.

We have 14 channels for different topics from design, development to random. Some of the channels include all the team members, some are temporary made for a project (new feature or the upcoming birthday).

This is the perfect tool to stay in connect with all the team around the world. You get to know information about the updates, but also personal stuff. People share how was their weekend or the joke that they found on Internet.

#2 TOOL: APPEAR.IN is the best tool for video conversations. It is totally free for up to 8 people.

This is how all our team members attend the presentations and participate in the discussions while being in different continent.


Our developers are using GitHub for several years. But just recently we started using it to manage tasks, releases and bugs.

It’s great to have communication in one centralised place rather than across emails and visible to all the team. You can set up email notifications when people comment or tag you in an issue.

If someone comes across a bug on the site, he/she can add an issue and tags the developer or designer to solve it.


15Five is based on a simple idea. Each employee spend 15 minutes a week writing a report that takes their manager no more than 5 minutes to read. The report includes the questions:

  • What’s going well? Any wins (big or little) this week?
  • What challenges are you facing? Where are you stuck?
  • How are you feeling? What’s the morale you see around you?
  • One suggestion to improve your role, team or organization?

This is how employees feel heard, while managers know the pulse of the company. And it’s not only about the work that was done. More. You know how people feel about their job, their team and their contribution.


Track Duck is a new visual feedback tool. It’s great when you work on new website, newsletter or any other design.

You just upload an image, share it with colleagues/partners and you can comment, check status, assign feedback and issues in real-time.


Using the right tools is only one part of managing a successful remote team. Alex Turnbull from Groove has written an awesome post how to hire the remote people and maintain company culture working remotely.

Here is the post.