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 Retail market in facing lot of challenges in the times of global epidemic. Although, extreme situations like these provide an opportunity, that shows in how many ways customer service can be improved and developed for their positive experience and safety.

Poland is one of the fastest-growing markets for self-service devices, that can limit the amount of time spent in the direct contact with others, greatly reducing risk of spreading the disease.

On the pages of Forbes Poland we read

"Acceleration of automation is to be one of the key consequences of the coronavirus epidemic. Nowhere can this be seen as much as in trade (...) Polish, very modern trade has found itself in the avant-garde of the next wave of changes and is introducing automatic cash registers on an increasing scale, where customers pay for their purchases without the help of cashiers.

Revenues of the 20 largest sales networks in Poland, only in 2018, reached nearly USD 50 billion. 

This market is definitely entering the golden age of self-service." 


Marek Wieteska, CEO of SelfMaker adds:

"We design, build and service kiosks in Poland, but we deliver them to clients around the world. And only in 5% we depend on the supply chain, which now affects the entire industry."

So... it turns out that we couldn't have had a better time for #selfevolution to happen. Isn't it a good occasion to recalculate everything and boost your investment in better and safer future?

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