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We here at Mockup World are really huge fans of Design Surplus, an awesome team of designers who are specialized in hand drawn goods like fonts, icons, logos and of course mockups! They're great in creating authentic and playful scenes for any kind of brand. 

Whether you like it retro or rustic: your lively scene will be an adventurous ride!

Today we'll like to give you a glimpse of what they actually do by presenting you two great deals that really stand out in volume and detail!

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More than 200 separate items included!

A simply gorgeous and super-versatile collection of items that jumps right in when you are working on covers, hero images or good-old brand story telling!

The bundle includes:

  • Over 200 items
  • 16 pre-made mockups (3000x2000px) with editable, moveable items to add your own artwork to
  • 64/175 smart objects that you can add your own artwork to
  • 4 PSD canvas sizes (portrait, landscape, square 2000px and square 3000px)
  • 3 photo filters to enhance the look you’re going for; rustic, clean minimalist, retro etc.
  • 11 backgrounds (wood, fabric, wall, plaid, grass, desk, cardboard and plain changeable colour) 
Download a free Sample PSD file

All backgrounds and photo filters are loaded into the 4 PSD cavases making it super easy for you to select a background, add the items you want and flick on one of the filters. Go for clean minimalist, retro or rustic, whatever your design style, Design Surplus has you covered with these mockups!

All items are 300 dpi and photographed at high quality so can be resized and moved without losing quality. Each item also has editable shadows AND they use global light so you can spin the items, displaying them from a different angle but without altering the direction of the shadows.

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 Endless mockup combinations

Many designers are currently showing off their skills by creating mini illustrations and hand lettering pieces littered with tiny items such as coins to prove it. Mini Mockups enables you to create these high quality, vintage style mockups within minutes!

The bundle includes:

  • 120+ items
  • 12 pre-made mockups (2000px square) with editable, moveable items
  • Open matchbooks that you can add your own artwork to!
  • 3 PSD canvas sizes with a vintage filter and backgrounds pre-loaded (portrait, landscape, square)
  • A photo filter to give your mockups an authentic vintage look
  • 4 background options (white paper, black paper, kraft paper and solid colour picker)
Download a free Sample PSD file

All items were photographed at super high quality and given global light shadows meaning you can spin them anyway you want and they light will always hit them at the same angle!

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