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We Made Something We Want You To Have A Watch Of

(Go on, it's only a minute long, and it's
one of the reasons we haven't been in touch in a while)

When one of the world's top drone photographers asks if he can make a cool corporate video for you, you definitely don't say no. 

– Unless you live in China and realise it's very illegal to fly drones in most cities, in which case you had better say no. 

Luckily, we're a real bunch of rebels over here at Bespoke, and persuaded him to drone a (cough cough, ultra remote) part of the Great Wall, and the Pudong skyline instead; then spend the rest of his time shooting our signature tours down at boring old ground level.

Looking for the world like she was chairing a high-level Pixar storyboard meeting, Bespoke founder Sarah wasted no time in pulling together her vision for the video (she even wore an affectatious scarf at one point, bit embarrassing). And soon enough, clients (not real), tour guides (real) and unsuspecting members of the public (real but definitely unaware they were being filmed from behind) were ready to star in the corporate video of the year. 

After a week of shooting in a hundred degree heat, a lot of ice cream, several plates of hastily eaten dumplings and very achy backs (camera equipment is HEAVY), our masterpiece was 'In The Can'. (That's what Scorsese would say, right?)

All that was left to do was set it to some upbeat music and find someone to do the voiceover. Handily, we knew a professional actor (currently working on Disney's Cruella in London by the way, we don't just work with anyone) to add an ultra smooth explanation of why Bespoke tours are different from all the others. Et Voila! We were ready to share it with the world. 

Amazing how about 80 hours of work gets boiled down to a single minute of video. But hey, we don't want you to be bored, we just want you to come on our tours. Because they're the best, but sometimes that's hard to convey in words. Which is why we're going to stop writing them. And ask you to give the video a watch instead. 

Thank you for reading (and watching) - we hope you like it! 

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