Supreme x Public Enemy x UNDERCOVER Collaboration

Supreme announced a new addition to its long list of collaborations, with Japanese brand, UNDERCOVER, and hip-hop group, Public Enemy. The collection will have heavy influences from their third studio album cover art, “Fear of a Black Planet.

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Bernie Sanders Keeps Inspiring Balenciaga

Already featured on hats, t-shirts and bags, Balenciaga‘s Bernie Sanders inspired political logo now makes it was onto slides.

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The Unbreakable, Undeniable, Undefeatable Detroit, Michigan

A few years ago I wrote a piece titled Detroit Isn’t Dead. It was a recap of my first visit to the Motor City. Though written with the best intentions, the title suggested that one assumed that the city was deceased. Left to decay and forgotten. The truth is, as it was then, although my virgin eyes were unable to see – Detroit has always been alive and well!

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Pass The Passport

Let’s talk about the most important document to get before you go on vacation. Let’s take a look at the last couple weeks of weather. Two nor’easters devastated the east coast. A cold snap hit the west coast and pulled typically tepid temperatures down to the 40s in Los Angeles. Say what you want about Global warming (it’s real people) but the weather has been as inconsistent as the new season of Will & Grace. Thank the lord we are heading into a season where we can escape to a climate or location for a few days.

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New Era Unveils 'Claim The Crown' TV Spot

New Era Cap, international sports and lifestyle brand, unveils its "Claim The Crown" TV spot in anticipation of the 2018 MLB season. 

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Arin Ray Talks With BLEU Ahead Of Debut Album ‘Platinum Fire’

In his sit down with BLEU’s Corey Cambridge, Ray dives deeper into his experiences as he talks about getting motivation from his mother, finding his voice in his writing, and creating his debut album.

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2018 iHeart Music Awards Winners List

Hosted by DJ Khaled and Hailey Baldwin, music artists around the world gather together for an exciting night at the 2018 iHeart Music Awards in Inglewood, California.

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Beyonce & Jay-Z Are Back On The Run

Beyonce and Jay-Z have officially announced dates for their “On the Run II” stadium tour. The 36-city tour kicks off June 6th in Cardiff, UK and runs all the way to October with dates across the UK and North America.

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Watch The Official 'Sorry To Bother You' Trailer

Directed and written by Boot Riley, “Sorry To Bother You” promises to be one of the most insane comedy movies of 2018. Starring Lakeith Stanfield, Tessa ThompsonArmie Hammer, and others, the movie is set in an alternate present-day version of Oakland where crazy things happen on a consistent basis. 

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Rihanna is Fulfilling our Wild-est Thoughts and Producing a Lingerie Line

Rihanna has already taken over our playlists, makeup bags and closets, but she’s not done yet. After a multi-million-dollar success with Fenty Beauty, the mogul is ready to take her crafts to the bedroom and design a lingerie line.

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Stop Counting My Coins

I came across an Instagram post the other day with the disclaimer: “Controversial post alert!” Any time I see that, I know it’s about to be some BS. So of course, I continued reading further. It went on to say the best way to save on nail care is not doing them at all.

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