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We are into the first full week of the new year and reflecting on all the amazing individuals that have given so generously to see something beautiful built for 31 children in Kenya. We had a BIG year-end goal to raise $145,000 to provide solutions for water, electricity, and a security wall. Because of the incredible support of so many we came so very close to reaching our goal with just $1900 to go.

to each and every person who gave, shared, and supported us as we move towards something so much bigger than ourselves.

We are so very close to reaching our total goal and your gift can make all the difference!

If you would like to help us cross the finish line towards our biggest project to date we would be so honored to have your piece added to this puzzle. 

Total Goal - $145,000

Electricity $40,000 - FUNDED!

Water $45,000 - FUNDED!

Security Wall $60,000 - $1900 Remaining


Empowering our partners with a long term solution is key for them to raise these precious children in peace and safety so hearts can find healing, joy, and hope!

Clay and Amy Churchill
Clay and Amy Churchill
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Just One Africa

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