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We're constantly trying to increase our reach, so that more people become aware of the issues around athlete mental health and transition, and so that we can help more current and former athletes. This week, we're launching a brand new radio show on Sydney station Eastside 89.7FM. We'd love to feature as many interesting insights as possible, so if you're a bit of a music fan and have six songs and accompanying stories to share, we'd love to hear from you!   

Likewise, our own podcast series with Rupert Guinness is now available on iTunes. Rupert is back from his incredible Big Ride from Freemantle to Sydney and will be telling us about that challenge, as well as chatting to new guests, in the coming weeks. Let us know if you'd like to take part.  

We've also just launched a new Athlete Career Transition course with the IOC. And of course we've got two new CTL webinars on mental health coming up this month. Check out all the links below for more details. 

News & views

Crossing the Line on Eastside 89.7FM

We're thrilled to be launching a new radio show on Eastside Radio 89.7FM. Every Tuesday from 3pm to 4pm (AEST), we'll be chatting with current and former athletes about the events that have shaped their sporting careers and the songs that have accompanied them.  

Crossing the Line Podcasts now available on iTunes

Meanwhile, our own Crossing the Line podcast series is now available on iTunes, as well as SoundCloud. Catch up on the latest episodes and watch out for some more chats with Rupert Guinness and brand new guests in the next few weeks.  

Working with athletes

Don't miss our new athlete transition course on the  International Olympic Committee's Athlete Learning Gateway. The video-based course is free and only takes an hour or so to complete, but offers a good springboard for some of the key career transition issues that any athlete should be considering.


Thanks to everyone who attended our athlete transition webinars in April. Don't worry if you missed them, you can still watch all our webinars on-demand

This month, we're looking at overcoming psychological setbacks. An athlete's sporting career can feel like a rollercoaster - a few bad races or a sudden injury can take you from the top of your game to feeling like you're on a downward spiral. Hear from elite athletes about how they overcame mental health challenges, and learn how to challenge your own negative self-talk and turn difficult periods into constructive ones.

Don't forget, you can join us for both May webinars live or on-demand and save $10! Use the discount code: Monthly Discount at the checkout. 

How the sporting world is embracing mental health

Mental health is not given the gravity it deserves within the sporting world. Your chance to hear our panel of elite athletes who openly shared their mental health journeys and imparted vital tips and information for athletes and coaches alike at our November 2017 summit.

Managing injuries from a psychological perspective

Being injured sucks! There’s no two ways about it. It can be a really hard time, mentally as well as physically. Learn tools to challenge the negative self-talk and turn these difficult periods into constructive ones, from CTL psychologist Rene Poulos.

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