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Are you ready for Christmas? I can't believe how quickly this year has been flying by!

I haven't been posting many Christmas recipes this year on the blog, but I have been busy making some old favorites here at home. While I was at it, I updated my homemade mantecados recipe post, adding new photos and video of the process. (Mantecados are the most popular Christmas cookies here in Spain). For those of you who are gluten free, I posted a grain free mantecados recipe a couple of years ago.

I made some turrón this week too!

Homemade mantecados and polvorones

With all of the holiday treats, it may just be the perfect time to focus on dental hygiene. ;)

One of the things that I don't talk about very much on my blog (only on my about me page) is that by degree I am a dentist. I graduated from dental school almost 15 years ago. (Where has the time gone?!?!)

When I came to Spain, I was never able to validate my license to practice here. During the process of trying, I ended up finding other jobs and things to keep me busy. I became a mom, and started blogging as a creative outlet and a way to show off some of the fun projects going on in my house.

From the very beginning, I'd occasionally have other bloggers or readers asking me dental related questions.

For years now, I've avoided merging both worlds, and haven't ever posted anything related on my blog.

People ask me a lot, though, about DIY toothpastes. Whether I think you should use them? What can be used as a homemade toothpaste, etc....

I covered it all in this week's post. Enjoy! And don't eat too many Christmas sweets- not even mine! Sugar is bad for your teeth and your body. ;)


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