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One to change a few. A few to change many. Many to change the world. Starts with one - Anonymous

As the year and decade comes to an end, we reflect on the efforts and changes we've made. Be proud of the difference you are making in your life and in the lives of those around you.

As we enter 2020 remember your passions and the reasons we are fighting. Think of the people, the planet, and the animals as we continue to rebel. Make your voice heard and make this new decade count!

Animal Rebellion... rebel for all life!

Credit: Tom Dorrington

News from Animal Rebellion communities:

Animal Rebellion Glasgow has been busy with festive outreach, which involved organising a quiz at a local Christmas Market that highlighted the impact of animal agriculture. Rebel, Lauren, said: "The conversations we have had have resulted in many people questioning the impact of our food system." The group are also in the process of creating videos to raise awareness of Animal Rebellion and our core aims, as well as taking some time to regenerate through shared dinners, remembering one of our 10 values. 

Animal Rebellion communities around the UK have been organising talks about the impact of animal agriculture on the environment. This is a great way to raise awareness and gather support. Find your local group here.

Credit: Emil Carr-Ross

Hear from one of our volunteers about their experience of Animal Rebellion: 

Elly, Social Media Team: "Earlier this year I, like many others, felt discontent when I looked at the world around me, and found myself looking for a way to actively do something about it. I’d heard of XR; who hadn’t after the April rebellion? I thought they were great and had considered getting involved. But it wasn’t until I learned about Animal Rebellion that I got a true surge of passion. Knowing about the dire consequences of animal agriculture, I was so excited to see a movement dedicated to ending it and bringing about a just, plant-based food system. I sent the twitter page a message asking if there were any remote roles available and I got involved in the social media team, becoming the lead for Facebook. During the October Rebellion I wished I could be on the ground with everyone in London, but being able to play even a small part in this amazing team has been so rewarding. It feels endlessly good to be part of a movement that is gathering momentum every day and pushing for entire system change for a better world for all."

Credit: Amy Jones

System change not climate change:

As supporters of Animal Rebellion we do not blame or shame individuals, but call on our governments to take action. Read personal accounts of strong individuals who have transitioned away from a life in animal farming at Free From Harm. One man, Jay Wilde, tells his journey to becoming an organic veg farmer (see '73 Cows' in the recommended section below). And ex-dairy farmer, Susana Romatz, talks about becoming a vegan cheese maker. If our governments stopped funding the animal industry and put money into plant based industries it would make it possible for many more people to start this essential transition. The UK alone pays £70 million in subsidies to farmers every year! Read more on this here.

Credit: @sammivegan

Short Films and Documentaries

They are excellent sources for creating awareness about the climate and animal emergency. Here are a few we recommend to watch and share with others:

- Plant Based News documentary, Vegan 2019 50mins

- Alex Lockwood, 73 Cows 15mins

Credit: @sammivegan

Animal Rebellion Medium Channel
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Animal Rebellion is run by a team of volunteers and we need your help. We're looking for rebels who can give their time and energy towards helping us achieve our goals. Please complete this form to sign up. If you don't have spare time right now and would like to support our Arrestees Crowdfunder, please donate here.

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