10 never-seen-before drawings:
email from Marc Johns

10 new drawings

Hello to you! I hope you are doing terrific. 

I've got a little collection of 10 new drawings now available in the shop.
Here's a peek at a few: 

(There's actually about 18 drawings available, but 10 are brand new, never-seen-before.)

Some of these are taken from ideas jotted down years ago, percolating away until I figured out how to make them just right, and others were dreamed up this morning after too much coffee. Have a look.

See the new drawings

So many prints

If $20 prints is more your thing, I've got loads to choose from. Last time I counted it was over 80! 

I personally sign every one of them. There's old favourites as well as new ones like these:

If you're having trouble finding something, just ask me by replying to this email or try the Search on the shop page.

Shop for prints

You are really something else. Thank you for following along!

And if you have any questions, just reply to this email.

Take care and stay in touch!



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