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End your workplace reliance on single-use plastic

The last year has seen a massive surge in awareness around reducing the amount of single-use plastic we waste every day. Investors in the Environment (iiE) wants to help you continue to tackle this issue by raising awareness of the amount of disposable plastic used in the workplace and home. 

With global recycling markets in chaos, and few plastics being recycled, now is the time to start phasing out reliance on unnecessary plastic that we often only use once before it's thrown in the bin.

What more can you do around plastic?

Download your plastic campaign materials

We've produced a range of engaging posters and digital materials to raise the profile of the issue in your workplace. As an iiE member, it's free for you to click on the link below and download the materials in your chosen format. You can then display these posters on staff notice boards or include them in internal communications.

This is just the first in a series of campaigns, so keep your eye out for more to follow!

Click here to download your posters

Don't forget to top up your reusable bottles!

Remember, the national Refill campaign is there to identify places where you can top up your reusable water bottles for free! You can download the Refill app, or look for this logo in participating shops to discover the locations that are happy to help you fight single-use plastic pollution.

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