A Master Class Experienec at Olpul Steakhouse & Grill

A steakhouse is not the first place that springs to mind when considering locations for a cooking masterclass. Something about the, arguably deceptive, simplicity of sticking a piece of meat onto the grill seems to scream “Insta Story” more than an entire afternoon of your life. So it was that when my colleague Winnie and I were invited to Olpul Steakhouse, the funky urban Two Rivers Maasai eatery, we really did not know what to expect.

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How To Choma Nyama Like A Pro

To say that Kenyans love ‘Nyama Choma’ is an understatement. In fact we love ‘Nyama Choma’ so much we find the most random excuses to enjoy it. As much as not everyone can know how to grill like a pro, we all have that once person in the family or in our group of friends who has unmatched meat grilling skills.

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This Brew Should Be On Your Hit List

There is a new coffee that is getting the cofferati excited and it’s as clear as water.

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Every day is Happy Hour day! Here are the best happy hours in Nairobi for you to kick back, relax and catch up with your friends!

Nairobi has quickly caught on to the worldwide trend of brunching; here are some relaxing spots where you can brunch this weekend

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Upcoming Events To Look Out For

The Koroga Festival

The African Queen Yemi Alade will be headlining the 21st edition of The Koroga Festival. The Koroga Festival brought to you by Capital FM Kenya is proud to present Chemutai Sage Kenya as the Second Queen performing and it's with great pleasure also to introduce one of the biggest Gospel Queens in Kenya Mercy Masika.

Australian Wine and Food Pairing at Pango

Enjoy a selection of premium Australian wines paired with a 6 course dinner.

Brunch at The Park

Ever wanted to go to the park, on a Sunday, riding in an overland truck, with new cool people you probably just met,for a game drive, brunch and cocktails, with some fun and laughter? Well now you can. like really... You can.Brunch at the park happening 18th March 2018. Take advantage of the rare opportunity and enjoy a photo-op with the wildlife while being taken care of by expert guides and looking forward to a cocktail at the end of it all.

Thrift Social X ColorBlocking at The Alchemist

In 2010 and 2011, color blocking was everywhere! The super-trend took a hiatus but is back in 2018 making it the year of the modern color block!!! Come through! Shop, dance and connect in Nairobi's coolest fashion scene. With a crazy DJ Line Up and performances you don’t want to miss out on! Get your colorful outfits ready, enjoy the flea market.

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