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Another season is coming to an end here in Goa. That means that the restaurants shut down, most of the beach shacks, and most tourists leave town. It gets hot and the sea gets rough - we also get a lot of power cuts this time of year. The first week of June the rain will start then it won't stop again until the first week of October. This is coming up to my 5th monsoon here in Goa and I always do look forward to the rain. 

My Favorite Blog Posts This Month

I reviewed a capsule travel wardrobe called VacayStyle. I love the pieces they sent and have a discount code on my review blog post. It's 6 pieces of clothing that you can turn into 15 outfits. You can check it out here. I also wrote a blog post about some ways you can make 2018 the year you travel more. I give 7 practical tips that will help you save money and plan a vacation on the cheap! You can read it here

Upcoming Travel Plans

Remember how I said we have some big travel plans but I don't want to jinx it? Well, I still don't. But I can say a flight is booked on the 22nd of May and I will send out an email saying where I'm off to before then! A huge adventure is around the corner. I promise I'm not trying to drag it out - I just don't want to say it before it's really happening as it is kind of a big deal! You'll all be the first to know, probably even this week.

Favorite Travel Products for April

I thought I'd share the two fashion items I'm really obsessed with right now. The first is these random sandals from Fergie (yes, the singer, she makes shoes!). I hadn't had this brand before but these are SO cute and comfortable and I have been wearing them every day. The second item is these pants I got at Anthropologie while I was home. They are so amazing for travel instead of wearing leggings. I got them in the color pictured (green-ish) but might buy the blue ones, too, because they are that perfect travel pant I have been looking for. They aren't like Ali Baba hippie pants, they are really put together looking so I don't look like a bum at the airport or sight-seeing.

Natural Sandals



Striped Trousers


As always, thank you for taking the time to read my blog and follow my journey on social media. Without you reading, I wouldn't be able to do any of this!
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