I'll try and keep this short. 

I've been in Florida for the past few weeks visiting my home state. It's an annual tradition that always leaves me feeling inspired and my heart a little bruised. It's another year seeing family in person, hugging friends tightly, showing off my 3 year old son Oscar and filling my belly with home cooked goodness. I live in the Uk now and have built such a wonderful life here (with the help of my PMUK community). My heart will always be split in two places. I don’t know if it will ever get easier, but I know I have people on both continents who care for us very much and can’t wait for us to be there with them 💔

Now that I am back, I can get started on publishing to our website again and helping to plan more events worldwide for our community. If you haven't checked out our Official Punky Chapters yet - get there now

"We're bonded in the belief that we can effect a positive change in our world through our voices & through the future we are raising to carry the fight on." Seattle Punky Moms at their local #marchforourlives march

Every month, Punky Moms reaches hundreds of parents, on many platforms, so I am doing my best to keep our movement moving forward and being able to keep everyone connected. Our FB group, PMUK is celebrating their 2 year birthday this weekend which is very exciting. I was hanging out in the Punky Mom Family group the other day and was just left speechless of just how many of our members were being so supportive and amazing. We all have a great thing going on here. I am honored to spend my life with the Punky community.

With that said,  I hope everyone in Punky world has a great weekend and I'll catch you online somewhere soon.

Much love,


Punky Managing Editor

Photo Taken Last Month In Orlando With Chelsea, Tammy and Diana. Punkies I have known for over 10 years. 

New Feature - Getting To Know A Punky 

  1. Name - Paula
  2. Current Location - Yorkshire UK
  3. Kid Situation - One 3 Year Old Button Pusher
  4. What do you do? Aside from overseeing a lot of the day to day at Punky Moms, I run The Social Renegade which helps parents take back their time and make their biz profitable. 
  5. How Long Have You Been In PMs - 11 Years!
  6. Fav Punky Article - You Are Not Fucked Up. You Are A Unicorn.
  7. Fav Mixtape - Friday New Wave Dance Party 
  8. Fav Punky FB Group - Punky Post (for swaps) & Self Love 
  9. Fav Song At The Moment - Big Thief Shark Smile 
  10. Fav Shop Item - Riot Mthrrr Crop 
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