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Hello and hope this email finds you doing well!

We've had strange weather this spring - how's your weather been? First it was too hot too soon in the year, and then it turned so cold that a few days ago we had a heavy frost, way after our normal last frost date. CrAzY weather in a crazier year, but it's finally getting where we can get most of our plants in the garden this week. (Yay!) 

Here's what's in today's newsletter:

  • Chickweed Soap (2 versions: CP & MP)
  • Wildflower Shower Scrub Bars (soap-free)
  • Detangling Spray
  • Popular Projects for the Season
  • Gardening Resource
  • Miscellaneous Happenings & Plans & YouTube

Chickweed Soap Recipes

This has been a stellar spring for chickweed! A few weeks ago, I collected some to make two kinds of soap - I love how it gently colors the soap a soft natural green, plus chickweed is so soothing for your skin.

Shower Scrub Bars & Detangler Spray

I have two recipes to share with you from my newest print book, The Big Book of Homemade Products!

Related: Thank you all for your support for my latest print book, The Big Book of Homemade Products! It felt a bit strange promoting it while the world is in such a weird place so I kept things pretty low key, but it still had a really nice launch, sales, and comments. Thank You!! ❤

This Week's Popular Seasonal Projects

Here are some of the most popular projects for website visitors so far this month. Hopefully one of these ideas will inspire you as well! ☺

Related: I shared a lovely Dandelion Cake Recipe plus information on using dandelions from the new book, Wild Remedies, over at my site recently. 

Gardening Resource

Are you like me, and planning to grow All The Things this year? This Friday, May 15, Angi Schneider will be teaching a (no cost) workshop: 

Above, is a photo of Atlas helping me out in the garden. She helps keep the catnip chomped down and under control. (Just kidding! The catnip actually choked out my pineapple mint and a section of echinacea last year - it is terribly out of control, so maybe I need more cats!!?!) ☺

Miscellaneous Happenings & Plans

Every time I announce specific plans, life happens and the plans get changed. So all of this is tentative, depending on what life throws our way and how distracted I get by nice gardening weather!

Loose plans for the upcoming months include:

  • Starting a YouTube channel - we just invested in a GoPro for this, so I think this just might really finally happen this spring or summer!
  • Finish a major update for the Handmade Lotions & Creams course that was already 75% done - this got waylaid by the virus and having to do a lot of behind-the scene things to handle the impact it had on my small business. We are back on track now though!
  • Reviving my Things to Make ebook series. I started this back in 2014 (or 2016?) and am refreshing, expanding, and bringing the original 3 volumes back + more. Stay tuned!
  • Another thing near and dear to my heart is to create an ebook of natural and herbal pet treats, where a significant portion of the proceeds will go to local animal rescues doing great work. My 3 dogs and 4 cats are anxiously standing by for taste testing! 

    As mentioned in the last newsletter, I've been switching everything over to a new email provider and shopping cart system. In the process, some links got broken - my apologies if you experienced that!

    If you didn't get to download your Herbal Salves Resource Pack (a new subscribers-only goody) then you can do that HERE. If any of your older eBook purchase links stopped working, just reply back and let me know, and I'll send you updated links.

    Thanks for your patience while we get the new systems finalized! Don't hesitate to email me if a link doesn't work - it's never a bother and I'm always happy to help!

    So that's all the exciting news for this week, unless you count the fact that I miraculously scored a pack of the super elusive toilet paper for sale at Boxed (.com) and it's arriving tomorrow. Such is life in the times of the corona virus! ☺

    Have a wonderful rest of the week!
    Jan, The Nerdy Farm Wife

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