The Veil of Ignorance

A must read post for all designers on why we should put ourselves in the shoes of all types of users, not just ourselves - by Adam Morse

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Free Banking UI Kit for Sketch!

A lovely interface kit for Sketch containing over 50 screens

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Design is… What CEOs should know about design

A look at why design cannot be ignored and how much it actually communicates

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The future of user experience design

Why UX design must redefine it’s roles and responsibilities to stay relevant

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Don’t let bad process or structure kill great design

Encouragement for UX Designers lost in bad process and structure to prevent shut down

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Visualising Innovation in a Creative Agency

Ampersand & Ampersand talk about driving successful products for the future and creativity

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A look at the Golden Ratio in UI design

How to strike that desired balance in the design of user interfaces

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The New Snapchat and What That Means for UX

Is this the next big advancement in casual technology and UX?

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The Evolution of the Help Scout Brand

A closer look at the HelpScout rebrand

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The killer feature of messaging

Messaging looks set to disrupt the computing landscape, but why?

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