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Izabela Misiak

Marketing and strategy specialist, working mostly with entrepreneurs and small companies.

Expert in: MailerLite account setup, Template design, Email marketing, Landing pages, Marketing automation, WordPress


Krzysiek Rożnowski

Nazywam się Krzysiek Rożnowski i pomogę Ci przenieść Twoją działalność do Internetu, a następnie zdobyć tam nowych Klientów oraz...

Expert in: MailerLite account setup, Copywriting, E-commerce, Email marketing, Landing pages, Marketing automation, Training, SEO, Website design, WordPress, Zapier


Justyna Stańska | Italiana

Marketing and business strategy consultant for online business owners. I can help you with e-mail marketing automation and...

Expert in: MailerLite account setup, Copywriting, Template design, Landing pages, Marketing automation


Łukasz Miller

Expert marketing automation, communication strategy architect in B2B and B2C

Expert in: Copywriting, E-commerce, Email marketing, Landing pages, MailerLite account setup, Marketing automation, Social media, WordPress


Kasia Borkowska


Jestem specjalistką od optymalizacji biznesów online. Pomagam przedsiębiorczym kobietom w prowadzeniu...

Expert in: Email marketing, Landing pages, MailerLite account setup, Marketing automation, Social media, Template design, WordPress


Izabela Hasan

Pomagam w rozwoju biznesów online oraz Wirtualnym Asystentkom w ich karierze. Szkolę z email marketingu oraz Wordpressa.

Expert in: Email marketing, MailerLite account setup, SEO, Social media, WordPress


Lucy Erezman | Business Integrator

I work with solopreneurs and small companies. I take over the technical side of their businesses and support them on their way to...

Expert in: E-commerce, Email marketing, Landing pages, MailerLite account setup, Marketing automation, SEO, Social media, Website design, WordPress


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