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How to create a MailerLite job application

To apply for any position advertised on our job page, you will need to create your very own free MailerLite account. Once created, you will be able to create a draft campaign and obtain a preview URL that you will send to from your own email account.

To create your free MailerLite account:

  1. Navigate to the MailerLite homepage and click Sign up.

  2. In the Company or Organization field, you can simply enter your name.

  3. Enter your email address.

  4. Create your password.

  5. Click Create my account.

This will bring you to your MailerLite Dashboard. Here you will see instructions to complete a profile before requesting approval.

Note: If you cannot see the dashboard as shown below or have any issues creating your account, please contact our customer support team at

To send your job application as a draft campaign, you only need to complete your profile here. Requesting an account approval is not necessary and you may ignore this step. All good? Let's move on!

To create your campaign (job application):

  1. Navigate to Campaigns.

  2. Click Create your first email.

  1. Enter a subject for your campaign.

  2. Under Who is it from? enter your name and email address.

  3. You will need to verify your email address before you can proceed to the next page. Click Send verification and verify your email address in your inbox.

Note: Some free email addresses, including Yahoo and iCloud addresses, will not be accepted. If your email address is either Yahoo or iCloud, we recommend creating a new email address with another provider such as Gmail.

  1. Click Next: CONTENT.

  2. From here, choose the editor in which you want to create your campaign and get creative!

  3. Once you’re happy with your application, click Done editing.

You will be directed to the Recipients page. Since you’re not actually sending this campaign to any subscribers, you can ignore this page and navigate back to Campaigns.

The preview URL is a public URL that you can copy and send to

To obtain your preview URL:

  1. Navigate to Campaigns.

  2. Click the Drafts tab.

  1. Click the title of your draft campaign.

  2. Click the Preview button.

  1. In the top left corner, copy the share URL and paste it into your application email to

Good luck!

Still have questions?
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at A member of our support team will gladly assist you.