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How to save block style settings

Save time while creating a campaign, landing page, or website by saving the style settings you apply to a certain block. Once you have saved a block’s style settings, every other block of that type in the design you're working on will include those style settings.

For example, if you edit the font and font color of the text within a Button block and you save those style settings, all other Button blocks in your design will be updated to include those style settings. You can even make it so future Button blocks you add to your design will automatically be set to that font and color.

To save a block’s style settings:

  1. Click on the block of which you want to save the style settings.

  2. In the sidebar, click the Settings tab.

At the bottom of the Settings tab, you’ll see a message asking if you want to save the style settings of that block to all the visible blocks of the same type.

  1. Click the Apply button.

  2. Check the box labeled Apply to all newly added blocks too in order to ensure all newly added blocks of that type include your saved style settings.

  3. Click Save.

Note: When you save your block style settings, they’re saved exclusively to the piece of content you’re editing at that time. The settings will not be applied to any other drafts, campaigns or websites.

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