OnVoard integration with MailerLite


Paid plan starts from $29/month. You can try OnVoard for free with 14 day trial. See full pricing details.

Integration Support


OnVoard has dual sync integration with MailerLite that you can use to:

1) Trigger sending action

Send surveys, review requests or interview requests to MailerLite subscribers.

2) Fetch pulse data

Get data from MailerLite and use it as pulse notifications.

3) Create or Update MailerLite subscriber

Use survey results from OnVoard to create or update MailerLite subscribers.

onvoard integration with MailerLite

How it works

1. From OnVoard's Console, go to Overview > Connections.
2. Connect to MailerLite with API Key. You can get your MailerLite API Key by going to this page.

That's it! OnVoard is now connected to your MailerLite account. See more in-depth guide on how you can use OnVoard with MailerLite.

Special deal

Use coupon MAILERLITE to get $50 credits after you upgrade to paid subscription with OnVoard. Promotion will be valid until 31st December 2019 and can't be stack along with other discounts.