PieSync integration with MailerLite

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PieSync is a third-party integration that allows you to connect MailerLite with thousands of apps. PieSync provides two-way connections. This means that with one connection you can send and receive data to and from MailerLite to another app.

For example, you can use PieSync to connect your Outlook account with MailerLite, so that new contacts in Outlook account are automatically added to your MailerLite account and vice versa.

To authorize MailerLite in PieSync:

1. Log in to your PieSync dashboard

2. Click New connection and search for MailerLite.

integrating MailerLite with PieSync #1

3. Select the app you want to integrate with MailerLite through Piesync.

integrating MailerLite with PieSync #2

4. Click the Authorize button to log into the application you are integrating with MailerLite.

5. Click the Authorize button for MailerLite.

integrating MailerLite with PieSync #3

A window will appear, where you must enter your MailerLite API key.

integrating MailerLite with PieSync #4

To obtain your API key:

1. Log into your MailerLite dashboard and use the right-hand dropdown menu to navigate to the Integrations page.

integrating MailerLite with PieSync #5

2. Find Developer API and click Use.

integrating MailerLite with PieSync #6

3. Copy the API key and paste it into the input field in PieSync and click Next.

That’s it! Your connections are now authorized. Click the button labeled Configure the sync between your chosen app and MailerLite to set up the rules between the two apps.

integrating MailerLite with PieSync #7

For further information on how to set up your PieSync connections, such as instructions on custom field mapping, check out PieSync’s help center.