SyncSumo integration with MailerLite

SyncSumo allows you to instantly push leads to your Facebook audience, get alerts real time as well as track your leads social accounts and demographic data. Mailerlite integrates with SyncSumo by integrating list of subscribers between services.

    SyncSumo example

    How it works

    1. Register your account using SyncSumo and go through the required steps within the app.

    2. In the SyncSumo's left hand menu click on Add connection and select MailerLite.

    3. Enter your MailerLite API key. That's it, you're connected!

    To add leads from your Facebook Lead Ads to your MailerLite list click Add lead in your SyncSumo dashboard. Select the Facebook page you wish to add leads from and follow through the simple SyncSumo form!