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Announcement pop-ups

Something to celebrate? Scheduled maintenance? Whatever it is, keep your website visitors in the loop by installing an announcement pop-up on your website.

You can create an announcement pop-up by going to the Forms area, selecting the Promotion tab and creating a new form. After giving the form a name, choose the Announcement pop-up template in the next screen.

In the next step you’ll see the pop-up editor, where you can change the design and pop-up placement settings (center, corner or as a (fixed) top or bottom bar). You’re free to adjust things like the background color, CTA button, text and hover color, corner radius and fonts. In the History section on top you can restore previous edits.

You can choose to either close the pop-up or redirect visitors when they click on the button. The disclaimer underneath can also be adjusted or set on hidden (by clicking on the trash can icon).

Once you’re done styling your announcement pop-up, click Next. Now you can define how the pop-up appears.

You can choose between:

  • A certain amount of seconds after the visitor has arrived on your website

  • A certain percentage the visitor has scrolled down on the page

  • Right before the visitor is closing the page (to not bug your visitors, they can close the website without clicking on the pop-up)

Apart from the pop-up mode, you can also choose the Frequency. If you set it to 1 month, this means that a visitor will see it the first time when entering a page, but then will only see it again after 1 month.

Under Schedule, you can choose to show the pop-up from the moment you activate it or schedule it to be shown during a certain timeframe. This is handy for scheduled maintenance pop-ups.

You can also adjust the Visibility settings. Show the pop-up on all pages, specific pages or exclude pages. Or hide it on desktop, mobile or tablets.

In the next step, you can copy the JavaScript snippet. We have plugins available for WordPress or Shopify, as well as other platforms. If you track conversions, you'll see your stats fill up as soon as your announcement pop-up is integrated on your website and people start to engage.

For more information, take a look at this knowledge base article on how to create a pop-up form.