Creating segments

To create a new segment, go to the Subscribers tab. You can add segments in 2 different ways.

  1. Use our filter system to create different conditions and then press Save as segment. Give your new segment a name and click Create.
  2. Navigate to Segments and click Create segment. Give it a name and click Create. Then use the filter system to create conditions that you want your subscribers to meet.

Example: You want to create a segment that only contains subscribers from the Secret Landing Page group. We only want the subscribers who signed up in the last 30 days. However, we also want subscribers from another group to be in this segment. In this case, instead of using AND, we will add another set of conditions under OR. We’ll choose [Groups] [Belong to] [New Members] and save the changes.

If you click on the Segments tab, you'll see an overview of all of the segments. In this screen you can view, rename and delete your segments. When you have more segments, you'll be able to sort them by Segment name, Date created, Subscribers, Open rate and Click rate.

Note: Deleting the segment will not delete the subscribers from your account.

For further information, you can read our Help article on how to create and use segments