Grouping by Link Click

Heres is how you can segment subscribers who had clicked the specific link in a newsletter. Go to "Automation" and click "Create a new workflow". Give it a memorable name. Select a memorable group that will go with this workflow. Choose a trigger and click "Save".

Now, add the email you would like your subscribers to receive after joining the group. We’ll choose the email from drafts for this presentation. Remember to add the link you want your subscribers to click and click “Done Editing”. We’ll also add a delay of 3 days to click the link. After you’re done with the automation press “Save”.

Lets create a condition connected to the activity of this workflow. Choose a trigger named “Had a specific link clicked”. I’ll choose the link to the PDF of the first chapter of my book and will click “Save”.

Now lets create an Action for the subscribers who clicked a link on the “Yes” part of the condition. Select “Copy to a new group” and a group called “Downloaded 1st Chapter”. Click “Save” again and we’re done!

When this workflow is turned on, anyone who subscribers to this group will get an email with a download link to the first chapter of our book. They have 3 days to click and the link and if they do, they will be moved to a new group called “Downloaded 1st Chapter”.

More engaged subscribers are now filtered out to a new group. This means we can create custom campaign or workflows for them. For example: we can create the follow up “How did you like the first chapter?” email.

An action can also be created for the people who did not click the link. Or we can leave the action empty and the users will remain in the same group.