Pop-up form editor

Pop-ups are dynamic and will catch your viewers attention! In this video, you’ll learn how to create beautiful newsletter signup pop-up forms. No coding or design skills needed!

First navigate to the Forms section and then click on the Pop-ups tab. Create a new pop-up or use one that you’ve already created (in this case, click edit).

When creating a new pop-up. you first have to give it a name. In the next screen, select one or more groups for the pop-up (select several if you want your subscribers to have a choice). Then choose a pop-up template. You'll then get to the editor.

In the editor, you'll find different features. You can change the Design and Settings. As for the design, choose between different form types and design the background, text and buttons to any color and style you like. The settings allow you to show input labels and checkboxes. When you click on each individual block in the form, you can individually edit these elements. In the video, we'll go through all the features so you know exactly how to style a great-looking pop-up.

You can also add a variety of checkboxes, such as:

  • Confirmation checkbox for people to click when they want to subscribe (mandatory)
  • Marketing permission field (GDPR-compliant). You only need this if you want to use the asked data for another marketing channel. You can leave this checkbox out if you only ask people to sign up for your list.
  • Interest fields (for readers to select which email list they want to subscribe to)

We recommend you to add your privacy policy (and link to it).

The hidden segmentation field is a more advanced feature, where a segmentation field will be updated that you've already created before.

The preview button will show you how your pop-up looks on both desktop and mobile.

Don’t worry about messing up your pop-up design! The track changes link underneath opens a pop-up with all your recent changes. Click on an earlier design to load this older version.

On the other tab above, you'll see the success page editor. Here you can design the success page that people will be redirected to once they sign up for your email list.

Once you’re happy with your pop-up form, press save!