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Product pop-ups

Launching a new product? What better way to inform your customers about it, then using a product pop-up on your website to showcase the new item or make the announcement.

To create your product pop-up, go to Forms and click the Promotion tab. Click Create promotion, give it a name and select the product pop-up template.

In the form editor, you can first choose the type of form and its placement. With the additional settings, you can change the position to left or right.

You get to change the colors, font, size, background and more to style your product pop-up exactly as you like. Each element can be edited and deleted. Use the preview button to look what your product pop-up will actually look like on your website.

Once you're done editing, you can set the behavior of the pop-up in the next screen. Here you'll decide on the mode, frequency, schedule and visibility.

Then you'll get to the actual Javascript code you need to implement the product pop-up on your website. You can also use an integration for the implementation.

In the last screen, you can activate the pop-up, check the information and see the code again (including the link on click event snippet, we'll explain this into detail in a separate video).

Once you start to collect information, your stats, like clicks and conversions, will show up under the Stats tab.

For more information, take a look at this knowledge base article on how to create a pop-up form.

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