Sharing Files

If you want to share a file with your subscribers using MailerLite. You’ll need to first upload your file to a service like Dropbox or Google Drive.

We are going to use Google Drive for this lesson. To share more than one file, you'll need to upload your files to a folder and then share the link to that folder.

Remember, to change the permissions of the file or folder so that anyone with the link can download the file. And you should also test the link in a browser you are not currently logged into. This will help you see how others see the file

Links can be shared in newsletters, autoresponders, thank you pages and in confirmation emails. Let's do that now.

Go to your forms. Choose "Confirmation Thank You Page" and click "Edit". Click a content block. Add a sentence like: "Here's the mini ebook I promised". Highlight the whole sentence or just the name for the file you want to share. Click the link button and paste the link.

Once you’re finished, just press "Done Editing". And there you go!