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Social pop-ups

Want to collect more social media followers? Why don’t you install a pop-up on your website that encourages visitors to follow you on your social media profiles? With MailerLite, you can install a social pop-up in minutes.

Create a new pop-up by navigating to the Forms area, clicking on the Promotion tab and creating a new form.

Give your pop-up a name and select the Social pop-up template in the next step. Now you’re in the pop-up editor, where you can change the design and how the pop-up is placed (center, corner or as a bar). You can also adjust things like the background color, text color, hover color, text and fonts.

The pop-up is automatically made for Facebook. If you want to promote another channel, you need to set this by clicking on the Text element in the pop-up. Now you can play around with a bunch of settings that appeared on the right side.

Under Additional settings, you can align the pop-up left or right, or change the image position from top to bottom.

When you’re done editing, you’ll get to the Behavioral settings (mode, frequency, schedule and visibility). Here you can, for example, set to only show the pop-up on a specific page or time, or hide the pop-up on a particular device.

After clicking Save & continue, you’ll get to the overview and see the implementation code. We have plugins available for WordPress or Shopify, as well as other platforms.

For more information, take a look at this knowledge base article on how to create a pop-up form.