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Stripe one-time purchase block

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To use the Stripe integration and the one-time purchase block, go to Sites. Either create a website or a landing page, or go to your existing ones. Once you have it ready, click the gray Edit button next to the title. This will take you to the builder.

In the menu, click on Blocks. Scroll to the bottom, and you will see two blocks which come with the Stripe integration:

  • One-time purchase

  • Recurring purchase

This tutorial will focus on one-time purchases.

Drag and drop the One-time purchase block onto your website or landing page. To edit the block, hover over it, and click on the pencil icon. Alternatively, you can click on the block, and the editing menu will appear on the right.

In the Active Editor, you can make changes to the product view and the success message.

In Product view, you can:

  • Add or take away the image

  • Include or remove the description

  • Change the image position

  • Select the name of the checkout button

  • Choose which product will be purchased

If you cannot find your product on the dropdown menu, you may not have uploaded it to your Stripe dashboard. Alternatively, if you have made recent changes on your Stripe dashboard, click Refresh, and the product will appear in the menu.

Once you have chosen your product, you can select the action that will occur after successful checkout. You may choose for nothing to happen, or you might add them to a group, remove them from a group, or update their custom field.

If you select Add to group, you can then choose which group you want to add them to, using the Interest group dropdown list. Or you can create a new group, using the Create button.

If you click on Settings, you can make further changes to the one-time purchase block. Under Call to action, you can change the background color, font, border and alignment. You can also use the toggle button to choose whether you want to show content in the card. Remember to click Save, after you have made your edits!

To change the size of the block, hover your mouse over the border. It will turn into a triangle, and you can drag the block to make it bigger or smaller.

If you click on Content, you can make edits to the success message, which your customers will receive after they have made their purchase. You can also enter the URL here, and change the download button. Click Save when you’re done.

Once you’re happy with your edits, click Save and Update. This will take you to a new page, where you can see your page URL and favicon. If you want to change the URL to match your custom domain, just click Edit. When your URL is ready, copy the link, open a new browser window, and paste in the link. You can then see what your website or landing page visitors will see. Click the checkout button, and you will see the Stripe payment page.

On your Stripe dashboard, go to Settings, and then select Payment Methods to activate or configure different payment methods. Also, make sure that you have added your products under the Products section in Stripe. Otherwise, they won’t show up in MailerLite. You can give them a name, a description and upload an image. Bear in mind that we can only process the Standard pricing option, at this time. In this section, you must also select whether the product will be a one-time or recurring purchase.

For more information on settings, head to this Stripe settings guide.

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