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Webinar pop-ups

Hosting an online webinar? Of course, you want as many people as possible to be there. But how do you promote your webinar? We’ve got the answer.

Webinar pop-ups remind people about your upcoming event. To create one, go to the Forms area in your MailerLite dashboard- Click on the Promotion tab and create a new form.

Give your pop-up a name and select the Webinar pop-up template in the next step. Now you’re in the pop-up editor, where you can change the design and choose the placement of the pop-up. Freely adjust things like the background color, hover color, fonts and CTA button color. For the button, make sure to click on it, adjust it and add the registration page URL. You can also add a secondary button or the link to your privacy policy.

Under Additional settings, you’ll find more positioning options and settings to change the image shape.

When you’re done editing, you’ll continue to the behavioral settings (mode, frequency, schedule and visibility).

After clicking Save & continue, you’ll see an overview and implementation code. Copy the code and insert it on the page(s) you want your pop-up to be shown — either by integrating the code manually or using a plugin (like WordPress or Shopify).

You can also choose to show the pop-up after someone clicks a specific link. To learn more about this feature, read our blog about link triggers in automation.