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The state of email marketing today

The state of email marketing today

About this webinar

Join our COO Ilma as she shares her views on the state of email marketing during a live email event in Vilnius, Lithuania. She talks about how email has changed in recent years, showcases great real-life examples and reveals what’s in store for email during the next years.

Ilma also answers the question that everyone on the interwebs seems to wonder about: “Is email marketing dead?”

Watch this presentation to find out why email is more alive than ever!


  • The current state of email marketing
  • Why you should use transactional emails (hint: their average open rate is 80%!)
  • Notifications
  • Why retention emails matters for your revenue
  • Internet of Me
  • Newsletters as businesses
  • Paid newsletters
  • DIY marketer
  • Metrics
  • The ultimate success formula for email marketing