When we work, learn, travel and have fun together

Twice a year, the MailerLite team enjoys a workation together. It’s a paid work trip that feels a bit like a vacation. The main purpose of the trip is team bonding. In addition to working and learning, we also go on adventures, have fun, laugh, and create memories together.

Half of our team works remotely, and workation is the only time we all meet in once place. This is why it's so important, and we put our heart and soul into making it an amazing and unforgettable experience.

In the summer, we all meet in our office in Vilnius, Lithuania. In the winter, we go to warm, exotic destinations. We’ve been to Bali, Morocco and Panama.

Workation #6: Lithuania 2018

Workation #5: Panama 2018

Workation #4: Lithuania 2017

Workation #3: Morocco 2017

Workation #2: Lithuania 2016

Workation #1: Bali 2016

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