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Editorial guidelines

MailerLite is dedicated to helping businesses build stronger relationships with their customers. Our content goal is to educate readers with the latest tips, case studies, trends and best practices in digital marketing. Check out the MailerLite blog to get a sense of our style and voice.

Please carefully read the following guidelines before submitting your request. Submissions that do not adhere to these guidelines will result in an automatic rejection.

General guidelines

  • Follow MailerLite brand principles
    • Our values: An empathetic partner who is passionate about email and digital marketing, yet keeps it simple for all to understand.

    • Our philosophy: Marketing is about building relationships, human to human.

    • Our personality: Conversational tone. We are trusted colleagues, sharing our knowledge as a friend shares a story.

  • Audience

    Our audience includes freelancers, small business owners, entrepreneurs, authors, makers, enterprises and anyone who wants to build a strong relationship with their audience. The primary goal of our blog is to provide valuable and actionable advice. Your content should be tailored towards our audience. Submissions that are self-promotional will not be considered.

  • Article length

    All guest posts should be a minimum of 1,400 words (not including the Author’s bio.)

  • Author bio requirements

    All guest posts should contain an Author bio of 60 words. Please include your name, job title and company name. Your profile picture (thumbnail 150x150) should be included in the Google Doc you submit.

  • Image requirements

    Submit a minimum of 4 images within the article. These images should not be stock images and should be relevant to the article. MailerLite always designs the featured images so you don’t need to provide one. We reserve the right to edit or remove images. Please observe copyright or usage restrictions, obtain permission for use and cite the source of your image where appropriate.

  • Citing sources

    Please only cite reputable sources that are no more than 2 years old and have a domain authority (DA) higher than 60. Avoid citing our competition. No affiliate links are allowed.

  • Editorial ownership

    We reserve the right to edit, partially or completely, every submission, including headlines, images, links and subheadings. We also reserve the right to update, partially or completely, every article at any time for content freshness purposes. Please read our Guest writing terms for more information.

  • Submission of articles and pitches

    While you are welcome to submit a finished article, we are happy to review article pitches before you put in the work. For pitches, please include a synopsis, a working title and a detailed outline that contains the examples or case studies alongside the images you plan to use.

    * Submission does not guarantee publication. We are under no obligation to use your submission and reserve the right in our sole discretion to refuse to publish your submission or delete your article from our website at any time without notifying you.

Brand voice

Please keep our writing approach in mind when communicating in the MailerLite voice.

  • Know what you want to convey

    What do you want people to do afterward? Be clear about your main idea, the call to action (e.g. comment, share) and why people should take action. We want people to interact with our content.

  • All content is for the customer

    If you share experiences or email examples, share the lessons and tips that might be useful for our readers. We say “you” more than we say “we.”

  • Use case studies

    People prefer original, hands-on information that they can apply to their business. Be creative to deliver high-quality, optimized content.

  • Engage readers

    Our content is easy to digest and fun to read. Involve them by talking directly to them.

  • Include everyone

    Our content is easy to digest and fun to read. Involve them by talking directly to them.

Grammar and style

There are several grammar styles, so it is important that we’re using the same style for consistency. We use American spelling and grammar guidelines.

  • Abbreviations

    Whether we’re talking call to action or click-through rate, we first mention the full term before throwing around the CTAs and CTRs. First mention: click-through rate. Afterwards: CTR.

  • Capitalization

    We capitalize only the first word in a sentence, title or headline. We don’t capitalize features in the middle of a sentence (“Check out our new drag & drop editor”). When writing a title, the new word after a colon starts with a capital (“Email marketing: Here’s how it works”).

  • Numbers

    In sentences, we write the 5 (or 10, 120, 120,000) as a numeral. Five, at the beginning of a sentence, is spelled out (though we try to avoid this structure). Numbers over 3 digits get a comma (1,000) and big numbers are written in full (10,000 vs. 10k).

  • Em dash

    It has NO spaces on each side.

  • Commas

    Let’s say you have apples, bananas and oranges. There’s no comma before “and” (so not: apples, bananas, and oranges).

  • Percentages and temperature

    We write 20%, not 20 percent. Same for °C and °F. When there is a range, we only include the symbol on the second number, 20-30%.

  • Time

    We write AM and PM in capitals. When there is a range, we include it only on the second number: 10.30-11 AM.

  • Bullet lists
    • Are they written like this

    • Without any dots in the end

    • Only when there is a sentence. And then another one

  • Periods

    Always go inside the “quotation mark.” And outside when (you write something in between brackets).

    If the words inside the parentheses aren't a complete sentence, the period that ends the sentence goes after the parenthesis: Squiggly likes chocolate (and nuts).

    If the words inside the parentheses are a complete sentence, the period goes inside the parenthesis: Bring chocolate. (Squiggly likes sweets.)

  • Ampersands

    In general, we don’t use “&” unless it’s part of a brand name. This excludes the term “drag & drop editor,” or when you need to save space (for headlines or ads).

  • Contractions

    We use things like “they’re” and “isn’t” to make our writing more conversational and friendly.

  • File extensions

    Are written with capitals—GIF, JPEG, PDF, etc. For plural, add a small s (GIFs). Also, SMS.

  • Names and titles

    When talking about Ilma, our Marketing Manager, we make each word of the title start with a capital. However, if we talk about the marketing manager or sales team in general a sentence, there will be no capitals.

  • Customers

    Are called customers, or people or readers or audience. Never users.

  • Colons

    If you use a colon: Start with a capital after it.

  • Slash

    There are no spaces before and after the slash ("/"). Example: State/province

How words are written

  • API key

  • Click-through rate

  • Drag & drop editor

  • eBook

  • E-commerce

  • Email

  • Emoji

  • Internet

  • Kick-start

  • OK

  • Podcast

  • Pop-up

  • Plugin

  • Pre-designed

  • Resync

  • Re-use

  • Signup form

  • Time zone

  • To-do list

  • URL

  • Webform

  • WiFi

Submission checklist

  • Content must be original, written by you and not published anywhere else.

  • Articles must include actionable tips, case studies or deep insights into email and digital marketing.

  • The article is written in a conversational manner: humans talking to humans.

  • The topic is new, provides a fresh, unique perspective and was not covered previously on our blog or website.

  • The article or outline must include a minimum of 4 images that aren’t stock images.

  • Credit all outside sources appropriately, including links.

  • Links should lead to credible sources only, less than 2 years old and DA higher than 60.

  • No affiliate links are allowed.

  • Use article formatting best practices including subheadings, bullet points, etc.

  • Follow our grammar style, brand voice and use words how we use them on our website.

  • Content length must be a minimum of 1,400 words.

  • Create a short intro paragraph of at least 100 words.

  • Intro paragraph is less than 150 words and includes the main keyword within the first 100 words.

  • Provide a Google Docs link that is both accessible by anyone and has Edit permission enabled.

Ready to submit?