Editorial guidelines

MailerLite is dedicated to helping businesses build stronger relationships with their customers. Our content goal is to educate readers with the latest tips, trends and best practices in digital marketing and remote work culture. Check out the MailerLite blog to get a sense of our style and voice.

Note: We will only accept content that adheres to our guidelines stated below.

  • Submission of articles and pitches

    While we prefer to receive finished articles (min. 1,200 words), we are happy to review article pitches before you put in the work. For pitches, please include a synopsis, a working title and a detailed outline.

    * Submission does not guarantee publication. We are under no obligation to use your submission and reserve the right in our sole discretion to refuse to publish your submission or delete your article from our website at any time without notifying you.

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  • Follow MailerLite brand principles
    • Our values: An empathetic partner who is passionate about email marketing, yet keeps it simple for all to understand.
    • Our philosophy: Marketing is about building relationships, human to human.
    • Our personality: Conversational tone. We are trusted colleagues, sharing our knowledge as a friend shares a story.
  • Post length

    Minimum of 1,200 words.

  • Image requirements

    Feel free to submit a minimum of 3 images. MailerLite always designs the featured images. We can also design other images if you do not have images to include. We reserve the right to edit or remove images. Please observe copyright or usage restrictions, obtain permission for use and cite the source of your image.

  • Citing sources

    Please only cite reputable sources that are no less than 2 years old and have a domain authority higher than 50. Avoid citing our competition. If you must cite a statistic provided by our competitor, it should be linked to an infographic created by a 3rd party that cites the same statistic. We'll provide you with a list of competitors when we accept your outline. No affiliate links are allowed.

  • Editorial ownership

    We reserve the right to edit, partially or completely, every submission, including headlines and subheadings. (See our terms for more info)

  • Bio requirements

    Please include a 150-word bio, your name, job title, company name and link to a profile picture (thumbnail 150x150).

Submission checklist

  • Content must be original, written by you and not published anywhere else.

  • Articles must include actionable tips or deep insights into email and website marketing.

  • Credit all outside sources appropriately, including links.

  • Links should lead to credible sources, less than 2 years old.

  • No affiliate links are allowed.

  • The article is written in a conversational manner: humans talking to humans.

  • The topic is new and was not covered previously on our blog.

  • Content length must be a minimum of 1,200 words.

  • Use article formatting best practices including subheadings, bullet points, etc.

  • Create a short intro paragraph of 100 words.

  • Intro paragraph is less than 150 words and includes the main keyword within first 100 words.

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