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Gift Up!

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Gift Up!


Gift Up! only offers a pay-as-you-go plan with a charge fee of 3.49% with every purchased gift card, and no monthly fees.

You can access their pricing information here.

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Get in contact with Gift Up!.

Gift Up! is a platform that facilitates the selling of your business’s gift cards online. It is fully automated, can be applied to any website, can use any currency, and payments are immediately available. You can easily design gift cards and certificates with your branding and logo.

By integrating MailerLite with Gift Up!, those who purchase gift cards will have their contact information automatically added to your MailerLite email list.

  1. On Gift Up!’s integration page, locate the MailerLite card and click Connect.

  2. Enter your MailerLite API key, which you can find on your Developer API page.

  3. Select the group where your purchasers’ contact details will be added.

That’s it! Now you can send targeted campaigns to the gift card purchasers to boost your sales!

You can also use the following third-party integration platform to connect MailerLite with Gift Up!.