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n8n is free to use when installed locally. If you want to use the cloud version, n8n offers a 30-day free trial and premium plans start at $20/month.

You can access their pricing information here.

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n8n is an extendable workflow automation tool that allows you to connect with over 200 applications and create custom integrations. Not only can you create no-code workflows, but you can also add JavaScript functions, conditional logic, and custom HTTP requests in a snap.

You can connect your MailerLite account with hundreds of other applications when you integrate it with n8n. Set your subscribers’ activities as triggers to get your workflows started.

  1. On n8n, when creating your workflow, click Create Node

  2. Select for the MailerLite trigger you want to set up. 

  3. Enter your API key, which you can find on your Developer API page.

That’s it! Now that you’ve connected your MailerLite account to n8n, you can start building your automation workflow and customize it however you want.